No Instant Saints

September 3rd, 2016

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2 Timothy 3:10-17

There is a distorted doctrine that teaches that people can be transformed instantly into fully-mature believers, with correct beliefs, consistent good works, and immediately upright lives, without a wrong motive or misstep. We can be forgiven or filled with God’s Spirit in a moment, but mature faith takes time.

No one knew this better than the apostle Paul. We too quickly forget that Paul arose from meeting the risen Christ blind, broken, and helpless. It would be years before he and Barnabas were commissioned to take the gospel to the Gentiles. Paul himself invested years in training his protégé Timothy to become a pastor and leader.

With the aid of the Holy Spirit, the community of faith, a teachable heart, and a surrendered will, believers can be taught, rebuked and corrected when necessary, and trained in righteousness–thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Author: Duane Brush

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