Divine Persuasion

August 5th, 2016

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Acts 16:1-15

My missionary ventures have taken me to several countries. However, if the Apostle Paul had a passport, he would have received far more stamps in his, hands down. What stands out even more is the way the Holy Spirit served as a border patrol agent of sorts—not allowing entry into some places, while flinging open doors to others.

The Holy Spirit not only guides our steps, but helps us to discern things about other people we might not be naturally inclined to see. When it comes to judging another person’s character, we sometimes think we’re experts. Often, however, we don’t do a great job at looking beyond the exterior. This might be especially true of someone we’ve just met.

Paul and his companions knew no one when they followed God’s call to preach in Macedonia. One of the first people they met was Lydia (Acts 16). Paul demonstrates how cultivating communion with the Holy Spirit can lead us toward or away from certain places or people. He also gives us peace about establishing new relationships. We can rely on God’s Spirit to guide and persuade.

Author: Thea Ardrey

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