Listen Up!

August 1st, 2016

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Revelation 2:18-29

Doctors said the bout of spinal meningitis would rob Thea of her hearing, but God had something else to say. When they tested it, it was above normal. Yet, just because our physical ears hear something doesn’t mean we’re really listening.

When we stop and really listen, it’s striking how many sounds are vying for our attention. In our neighborhoods, it may include cars, barking dogs, and lawn mowers. In our hearts, the noise might be worry and fear, hurtful words others have spoken, or lies we’ve convinced ourselves are true.

We often soak up words of praise from others, yet can find it difficult to accept criticism. Perhaps it would have been a similar challenge for the church in Thyatira as they heard Jesus’ words of praise coupled with ways in which they were falling short.

When we listen to God, really listen, we must be faithful to receive his entire message. And when He tests our hearing, we pray He finds it above normal.

Author: Thea Ardrey


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