Where Did They Go?

July 5th, 2016

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Acts 5:17-32

The previous owners of our home moved across the street. Their cat, Heidi, has been confused as to where she lives. She eats at her new house, but enters our garage, roams our yard, and stalks the birds feeding on the ground under our bird feeder. One day I watched Heidi patiently waiting for the birds to gather, slowly she crept closer and closer, but some unseen signal sent the flock of birds to safety. The cat was perplexed. As she looked up, I imagined her asking, “Where did the birds go? What happened?”

The disciples had a new Master. They lived in the power of the Holy Spirit fresh from Pentecost, and when persecuted they obeyed God. Like the birds escaping the cat, God sent His angel to release them from prison (Acts 5:19). The chief priests and captain of the temple guard were puzzled also, like the cat, “Where did the disciples go, what has happened?”

The power of the Holy Spirit is the normal and blessed promise of those who obey God. The one who lives in “obedience to God” is still a puzzle to the world.

Author: Blair Rorabaugh


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