His Chosen Child

June 14th, 2016

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1 John 2:28—3:10

Being adopted into God’s family is such a game changer!

Around two to four percent of children in the United States are adopted. Those numbers alone give some indication how for many comprehending the deep significance of being adopted is nearly out of reach to their mindset. At the core of adoption is this undeniable piece of information: you have been chosen, picked, favored, selected, singled out, made part of a family.

That God has “decided on you” should fuel the outlook of every child of God. The future can only be bright for a child who now has the resources and raw materials available to persist and endure; yes, even to outlast this life! Absolutely none of God’s children are unaccompanied. They are not friendless or isolated. God is the unseen guest at dinner tables and soccer games, in board rooms and committee meetings and surgical suites. See how your Father is generous and openhanded in His love toward us?

Author: Michael Benson


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