The Wide Circle of Prayer

June 4th, 2016

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1 Timothy 1:15—2:7

There is no human endeavor with a wider scope than prayer. Prayer can embrace all people. No heart is so far from God that it cannot be lifted before God in prayer. Prayer is as universal as the scope of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, and as personal as a name lovingly spoken in heartfelt petition.

Prayer recognizes no boundaries or borders. The prayer offered behind prison walls is as powerful as one lifted before the altar of a great cathedral. Prayer cannot be blocked or effectively banned by the will of those in power. It would be easier to forbid the tide to rise or the wind to blow. Prayer passes right through closed doors, hearts, and minds.

No power in the universe is more pervasive and powerful.

There is nothing we can do: no offering or sacrifice so great, no deed so noble, no words spoken or sung so fair, that can promise any greater blessing or lasting hope than simple words spoken in earnest prayer.

Author: Duane Brush


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