No Reservations Or Hesitations

May 26th, 2016

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Acts 4:32—5:11

During her days of being a childcare worker, there were many opportunities for Amy to teach the children about sharing. Some days, the lesson was understood; other days, it was a struggle for those little hands to let go of that special toy or favorite color marker.

Paul instructed the early church to live with one heart and mind. What did that look like? Do we still practice that today? According to Acts 2:42, the early followers of Christ “shared everything.” Not just what they didn’t want, could not use, or no longer needed; they shared without hesitation.

As we go through life trying to nurture and strengthen our relationship with God by praying, studying the Bible, and attending worship, it would be good for us to remember to practice living in one heart and mind. We do this by sharing without hesitation among fellow believers. Where should the practice begin?

Author: Amy M. Argot


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