On Your Knees!

May 14th, 2016

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Hebrews 12:14-29

George Vandeman wrote about a young stranger to the Alps making his first climb. Accompanying him were two experienced guides, one going in front and one behind, and he was tied in the middle. They climbed for hours up the grueling side of the mountain. Finally, they ascended to the summit.

The lead guide wanted the young climber to be the first to catch site of the incredible view of heaven and earth and moved aside to let him see. Not realizing that there were gale-like winds blowing across the summit rocks, the young man leaped forward. Quickly, the guide dragged him back. He shouted, “On your knees, sir! You are never safe here except on your knees.”*

The same holds true in life. Unless we are on our knees in worship to God, we are never safe here in this world!

Today, I will worship God with words of adoration and praise and a conscience quickened by His holiness, feed my mind on His truth, and imagine the beauty of His purpose for my life. I desire for God be a consuming fire in my heart!

* Craig Brian Larson, ed., Illustrations for Preaching and Teaching (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1999), 281.
Author: Derl G. Keefer


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