May 13th, 2016

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1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

William Hossler, former president of the Missionary Church, writes about a bubble at the bottom of a lake containing an unusual occupant: a small South American spider. The spider forms the bubble around itself and descends to the bottom like a diving bell. After breathing the trapped air, it surfaces completely dry. Amazingly, it is in the water but is not affected by the water.*

His illustration parallels the Christian life. As Christians, we live in a world that is increasingly sensual and immoral. Evil surrounds us on every side. We are not to become cynical or paranoid, but we are to be pure and live a holy life. How is that possible?

  1. Allow His Spirit to cleanse our hearts by faith.
  2. Maintain a strong inner core of spiritual reality.
  3. Submit to God and resist the devil.
  4. Live according to God’s Word.
  5. Avoid every kind of evil that would destroy our spiritual well-being.

Live pure today!
* Derl G. Keefer, ed., Wesleyan Preaching Resource: Volume 2 (Lima, OH: CSS Publishing Company, 2002).

Author: Derl G. Keefer


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