Order Into Chaos, Chaos Into Order

April 28th, 2016

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Acts 2:1-13

The book of Acts flows out of Luke’s gospel like a masterful sequel, shifting from Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in his first volume to the actions of the apostles and church in volume 2.

Pentecost means the “50th day” after the Jewish Passover. It marks Israel’s harvest celebration commemorating the Sinai covenant (Gen. 23:16a). A few weeks after Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension, the events of Pentecost seemed orderly enough at first: Jesus’ followers were all together (Acts 2:1). Then Luke’s orderliness seemed to get out of hand: Violent winds erupted and something like “tongues of fire” rested on each of the disciples, empowering them to speak in languages that were native to Jews visiting Jerusalem from other Mediterranean lands.

Through this apparent chaos, God brought such clear order that no translator was needed. Despite the chaotic flow of today’s busyness, may we listen for the Spirit to speak so clearly that no other translator is necessary.

Author: Jay Richard Akkerman

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