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April 26th, 2016

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Psalm 105:1-22

Praise and thanksgiving are different, yet closely related. God is worthy of our heartfelt praise. John Wesley reminds us of God’s supremacy over and above all things, challenging us to “Glory in the God whom you serve, as the only true God.” Similarly, we offer our thanks for all God has done and for all we anticipate by faith.

God acts, both then and now. Is it any wonder that so many biblical writers call us to remember the saving acts of our loving God? Psalm 105 begins with a recounting of Israel’s salvation history, centering on God’s gift of covenant and following through its fulfillment. Even in spite of rejection, Joseph, son of the Old Testament patriarch Jacob, also serves to illustrate God’s unfolding faithfulness.

We express praise for who God is, and we offer thanks for what God has done. Yet the psalmist challenges us to even more: We’re also called to “make known among the nations what [God] has done” (v. 1).

Who needs to hear about God’s active faithfulness from you today?

Author: Jay Richard Akkerman


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