Who’s Perfect?

March 28th, 2016

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Romans 14:1-12

It can be tempting to pick apart the actions of other believers when they do not practice their faith exactly as we do. I once attended a community Christian worship service where communion was served at different tables. Several tables had differing types of elements in order to satisfy the requests of the various denominations represented. I was amazed to hear people from each table comment that they could not believe that there were “Christians” at the other table. What good comes from looking down on the practices of other Christians?

Paul reminds us in Romans 14 that we are not called to quarrel over doctrine and tradition, but to “accept” others of faith so that they might grow strong in Christ (v. 1). Doesn’t the Church have enough enemies without making more out of our brothers and sisters in Christ?

There is no perfect denomination or doctrine; there is only a perfect God and His Holy Spirit who makes us perfect in our desire to serve Him. Our salvation is not founded on doctrine, but upon the risen Christ.

Author: Raul Granillo

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