A New Way

March 11th, 2016

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1 Corinthians 5:1-13

During the Passover festival, people celebrated with an investigation of their homes for yeast and then destroyed the yeast before the Passover lamb was sacrificed in the temple. They were to get rid of every last remnant of yeast (leaven). Leaven was dough that had been kept over from an earlier baking and had fermented. By Paul’s day, fermentation was connected to a rotten and corrupting influence. Paul, speaking in the spiritual sense, said that we must get rid of the old yeast (sin) and use bread without yeast (the life transformed by the saving power of Christ).

Sinful life practices and habits can easily become entrenched. Christ (the Passover Lamb) was sacrificed so that we could be transformed from the old way of being and doing into a better way of living–a holy way of living. The malice and wickedness that Paul references are the characteristics of the old life. It’s for that reason that Christ challenges us to cast off the old ways of living and walk in His truth.

Author: Katie Heid

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