Blood On The Door

March 7th, 2016

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Exodus 12:1-13

When the fanatical Muslim group ISIS swept through the Middle East in 2014, its mission was clear: convert to Islam or be killed. They marked the homes of Christians with a red symbol to signify faith in the Christian God.

Imagine being so genuine in your faith–so in love with Jesus that your devotion to Him can’t be squelched. Picture a relationship with God that is so obvious to others that no one can deny who you worship. Envision a life where God’s love has so transformed it that others have no choice but to stamp your home with the word “Christian.”

This obvious devotion was true for the Israelites, who also had their homes marked. The lamb’s blood they painted on their doors that first Passover night was a sign that they loved God in a way that would never be compromised.

The blood on the Israelites’ doors that day didn’t serve a one-time purpose. It foreshadowed a cross, a tomb, and a resurrected Savior.

Author: Katie Heid

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