The Courage To Share

February 25th, 2016

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2 Corinthians 1:3-14

Several months ago, my sister gave birth 10 weeks early to a baby boy who has a number of birth defects. He had surgery at one day old and was hospitalized for the first three months of his life. Though my sister sometimes wonders why her family has endured these challenges, she rejoices at the opportunities she and her husband have had to share their trust and faith in God. Nurses, doctors, and hundreds of family members and friends have witnessed firsthand the miracle that is my nephew.

We know that God is our comforter, but sometimes we forget that, as God has comforted us, we must also comfort others. Maybe God has seen us through depression after the loss of a career, a death of a loved one, or simply a dark season in our life. We see our brother or sister in Christ struggling and hear God clearly asking us to share our story with them, but we ignore Him because we are ashamed, afraid our words will not be well received, or simply too busy.

Whatever our story, may we have the courage to share in both our suffering and abundant comfort through Christ.

Author: Kristen Allen

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