Strengthened By Faith

January 29th, 2016

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Colossians 2:6-15

We devoured breakfast, then out the door we went. Lunchtime came around, another trip to the table, and we were ready for the afternoon. Then, just around dark, it was time for the sit-down family supper. With full stomachs, we slept contently. It started all over again the next day. That was how it was to grow up in our home. We knew where the strength and supply was stored and delivered.

As good as my parents were, they could not come close to my heavenly Father. Every once in a while, when I allow myself to get too busy, I start getting weak and realize, “I forgot to eat!” Seldom is missed an opportunity to feed my body; why am I ever neglectful of my soul? The Father waits early in the morning to feed us, He is there for snack times, for lunch and supper. Why do some people seem to have overflowing spiritual lives and others appear anemic? It is possible that the weak neglect pulling up to God’s very full table to have a meal. Supper is on! Come get your fill!

Author: Jon Carnes

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