Invisible Companion

January 1st, 2016

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Luke 24:13-27

When I went through chemotherapy for lymphoma three years ago, I vowed to lean on the Lord and grow closer to Him. I had to lean hard. Side effects and roller-coaster emotions clouded my thinking. Each morning, I read my devotional book, but the words didn’t penetrate much. When I prayed, I felt as though I were talking to myself. “Where are You, Lord?” Once treatments ended and my head cleared, I realized Jesus had been with me all along, listening to my feeble prayers and offering grace in my weakness.

After His resurrection, Jesus walked along with two disciples traveling to Emmaus, but they didn’t recognize Him either. They too had roller-coaster emotions: Jesus had been brutally crucified, and now His body was missing from the tomb. Talking on and on, the two didn’t recognize that the risen Lord himself was with them.

How patient Jesus is with us! Circumstances may inundate us and mask the Savior’s presence, but by faith we know that He walks with us, step for step.

Author: Sherri Langton

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