Justice Will Reign

December 7th, 2015

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Isaiah 11:1-9

The 1930s were a dark era for the United States. Crime, war, and economic collapse loomed. There was not enough work. Criminal gangs were pillaging and killing. As the president tried to repair the critical state of the fractured country, we were introduced to a legend, one who, at least in the comics and movies, made the commoner feel less small and helpless. He was a champion from far beyond the stars–from the planet Krypton. Superman would stand behind a beam of light, the American flag in his hand, and declare his fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

Not much has changed in 80 years. The superhero still attracts us, but he’s only pretend.

There is only one real source of justice–not “the man of steel” but the Son of Man. He is God himself, and He will bring true justice to the planet that sin has soiled. He will judge with perfect justice and real righteousness. His own blood redeems us from wrath and seals our position among the righteous.

Author: Marlene Chase


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