Victory Belongs To The Lord

November 3rd, 2015

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Joshua 10:1-15

The odds were stacked five against one. Alarmed that such an important city as Gibeon was now allied with their enemies, five kings advanced against the city. Although tricked into a peace treaty, Israel honored their covenant with Gibeon. Joshua and the Israelite army marched all night and surprised the coalition.

As heroic as Israel’s army may have been, victory came from the Lord. Joshua 10 reaffirms that the Lord is God over all: heaven, earth, and heavenly bodies. Other peoples of the region believed that various gods controlled different realms, such as the sun, moon, or storms. Most also believed that heavenly bodies were themselves deities. Yet Scripture is unequivocal: God holds dominion over heavens and earth, over sun, moon, and storm.

This day of victory is remembered as one like no other because it was “a day when the LORD listened to a human being” (v. 14).

When the odds seem stacked against you, take heart: God is still Lord of heaven and earth, leading His people to victory!

Author: Rhonda Carrim


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