A Rich Man Asks For Prayer

October 30th, 2015

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Acts 8:9-25

God will not be bought. God cannot be bought. The Lord’s Prayer concludes by stating that everything is God’s: kingdom, power, glory. God cannot be bought because God doesn’t operate in the way that humanity does. With Christ’s sacrifice and the Church following His example, God has everything needed for His will to be accomplished. Money is of no concern to God.

Simon the sorcerer tried to buy from the apostles the ability to bestow the Holy Spirit on those for whom he prayed. Peter’s rebuke was harsh, yet true: Money and the power it wields can leave one in chains of evil desire. Thankfully, Simon’s repentant request for the apostle’s intercession put him on a better path. The book of Acts has already told us that Simon had been baptized and believed, but apparently he still had things to unlearn.

It can be encouraging to know that even after belief and baptism the follower of Christ has room for further learning and development.

Author: Jeremy Scott

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