The Good Shepherd

October 18th, 2015

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John 10:11-18

It was 1964. Tim was in high school. The band unloaded instruments from the truck in order to perform for half-time at a football game. Thinking that he was being helpful, Tim pulled out my trumpet and one belonging to another band member. He didn’t realize what Tim had done and went to the instructor. Panic set in. A quick trip was made back to the school to find the missing trumpet. Eventually, it was discovered where Tim had placed it, but by then it was such a big deal Tim didn’t mention he had picked it up.

Monday morning, during band class, before anything else, the instructor asked, “Who picked up Lanny’s trumpet Friday night?” Tim sat in silence, then shock, when the instructor then asked, “Robert, why did you do that?” Tim looked behind him, and there was a boy with his hand in the air. He was taking the blame for Tim.

Jesus says that He is the Good Shepherd. We picture Him this way. The earliest Christian literature, art, and music convey that image. The Good Shepherd is my Shepherd, our Shepherd. Never driving or herding but leading, and then, taking my blame.

Author: Tim Stearman


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