Praise To The Shepherd

October 15th, 2015

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Psalm 95:1-11

Psalm 95 describes the relationship between the Lord and His people as that of a shepherd and flock. This theme of shepherd and flock is found throughout the Word of God. Psalm 95 is a clarion call to worship. It seems to indicate a progression in our offering of praise. We worship, we “bow down” (v. 6) so that our foreheads touch the floor, and we kneel before the Lord.

We were created to worship God. Sadly, we too often fail to do so at all, or else, when we do it, we do so by rote without much intentionality. We gather in a church building, sit, sing, and soak; yet, we are not always engaged with the Father. Worship is more than following an order of worship. It demands our attention in church and at home.

Psalm 95:7 describes our position: We are “the flock under his care.” The King James Version says we are “the sheep of his hand,” indicating an open hand. Once again, our Shepherd is providing for His people, His flock.

Author: Tim Stearman

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