God Bless The Children

October 13th, 2015

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Genesis 49:22-26

Genesis 49 tells us about a family meeting. Jacob told his sons to “gather around” him (v. 1). It’s obvious he had something important to say. It has been suggested that what he was really doing was describing the destiny of his descendants. It was a liturgy of blessings, even prophecies, spoken over his sons, a formal declaration of the blessings that each could expect and the lives they would live.

We aren’t that formal anymore. When it comes to blessings, we seem to rely on actions more than speeches. My parents never sat me down and prophesied over me about my future, but they did bless me. They did so by serving as a great example in many ways. They displayed what a true Christian looks like and what a great marriage looks like. They affirmed me when I succeeded and encouraged me when I didn’t live up to my own expectations.

Now, as my own children are grown, I realize how important it was for us to bless them by our actions, but I also know that they deeply appreciated our spoken words.

Author: Tim Stearman


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