Perfect Peace

October 9th, 2015

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Isaiah 26:1-15

Advertisers for the Lexus® brand came up with a great slogan: “The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection.” The phrase caused consumers to believe, on some subconscious level, that this was a perfect car. Yet that’s not what the advertisements said. They said they were pursuing perfection. I’ve owned two of their vehicles, and though they were wonderful, they were not perfect. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything that could be considered perfect.

Yet Isaiah says that God will keep us in perfect peace. In Hebrew, perfect peace is written as “shalom shalom.” The repetition emphasizes the intensity of the peace. But notice the clause that follows: this multiplied peace is for those “whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in [God].” Steadfast simply means “settled upon.”

Do you want perfect peace? Then ask yourself: Have you made up your mind?

Author: Tim Stearman


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