God’s Promise of Peace

October 7th, 2015

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Judges 6:25-40

A while ago, my mother took the tumble many older adults fear–she fell and broke a hip. Eight weeks later it happened again, to the other hip. My brother and I realized we couldn’t ignore the hard decision–Mom needed care that neither of us could provide. We prepared her new home at a very nice assisted living center.

Her adjustment was difficult. She’s quite dependent on a walker to get around. I call her every night, and from the first “Hello,” I can tell how her day has gone. Some are better than others. After a while, she felt well enough to leave her room and attend chapel. Her voice was different that night. Though I couldn’t see her, I could tell she was glowing. For the first time since arriving in her new “home,” she had experienced a bit of peace.

Peace doesn’t always come all at once. Sometimes it has to grow on us, just as it’s growing on my mother. There is great comfort in knowing God promises peace to his people (Psalm 85:8). We tend to focus on “peace,” but notice the mention of “promise”–God promises peace to His people.

Author: Tim Stearman



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