Grace Unrestrained

September 20th, 2015

RG AUDIO 092015


Acts 14:8-20

How well do we truly understand grace? For many Christians, grace is simply the means by which we are saved. Perhaps we understand that grace is God’s unmerited favor. Reducing the inconceivable grandeur of God’s grace to bite-sized summaries can detract from the majesty of His work in our world and in our lives.

In Acts 14, Paul makes a desperate plea to the basic understanding of his listeners in an effort to help them perceive God’s activity. The rain that sustained them, and the very joy of life, was the evidence of God’s character. The implications of this are significant: All that is good in the world (independent of our understanding or expression of faith) is the activity of God who so filled with love He cannot help but touch us, whether we respond or not. God’s activity is not exclusively for those who articulate appropriate faith. He will not be deterred expressing all He is–God is love.

Author: Roland Hearn


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