Real Victory

September 13th, 2015

RG AUDIO 091315


Revelation 19:6-21

Comic-book superheroes always seem to be victorious. With their sometimes bizarre capacities, they represent the wishful thinking of many. They have just one flaw–they belong to the realm of fantasy. When the reader returns from the world of imagination, he or she must confront reality once again. In the real world, such capacities do not exist. There is no guaranteed triumph, no unlimited power, no totally competent being. We face reality alone and with insufficient resources.

That is, unless we walk hand-in-hand with the King of kings. We serve a God who is sufficient in all things, and His name tells us so.

We serve a Savior who reigns by His grace and responds to the world with a matchless love that draws us to His side. He will carry us to the day where, as we stand in the presence of His glory, surrounded by all the recipients of His grace, we will finally know the vast extent of His victory.  

Author: Roland Hearn


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