Eternal Jerusalem

September 11th, 2015

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Psalm 48:1-14

The Psalms give several descriptions of the city of the Lord. Psalm 48 refers to the holy mountain, Mount Zion. He speaks of the city of the great king and testifies that God will establish the city forever. That promise can be hard for us to grasp.

However, in reflecting on this eternal city, we are immediately drawn to Revelation 21 and its descriptions of the New Jerusalem. By the power of the Spirit, John saw the holy city descending out of heaven from God. In a description that is beautiful beyond imagination, John tells us that the glory of the Lord illuminates the city. Furthermore, the redeemed who dwell there will enjoy the fruit of the tree of life and its healing leaves. The New Jerusalem is full of blessings and devoid of any curse.

This picture of the New Jerusalem is the ultimate reminder that God Almighty is our fortress. One day we will have a building from God–an eternal house in heaven. God Almighty is truly our security!

Author: Erik Groeneveld

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