From One To Many

September 9th, 2015

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Genesis 27:41—28:9

Jacob was forced from his place of birth to a place of isolation. As he traveled alone to a distant land of exile, he left the comfort and safety of his home to begin life in a new environment over which he had little control.

It was in this isolation that Jacob encountered God Almighty and responded to Him with trust. That trust grew into blessing–a blessing that proved to be a fruitful relationship and resulted in the physical increase of both wealth and family. Jacob went from being one person to a community of people.

Therefore, Jacob did not maintain the blessing of God Almighty in isolation. Instead, he was a conduit of that blessing to his family and others who became part of his community.

For Christians, God’s blessing is not an individual achievement, but a source of hope and growth for others. Fruitfulness and increase are not to be hoarded, but shared to build a common unity in which God is revealed and honored.

Author: Richard Giesken


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