The People of God Almighty

September 7th, 2015

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Genesis 17:1-14

In establishing the terms of His covenant for Abram and his descendants, God called Abram to “walk before [Him] faithfully and be blameless” (v. 1). We must not be intimidated or turned off by the word “blameless.” The Lord was not negotiating an impersonal contract; He was inviting Abram into a dynamic relationship. As Abram remained in God’s presence and committed to the relationship, he found himself being blameless. In the same way, our blamelessness, or holiness, is not independent from God, but comes in our continued connection with Him through the Holy Spirit.

The second term of the covenant is circumcision, which was not a badge of human effort, but a symbol of grace, belonging, and identity. Circumcision marked Abram’s people as belonging to the Lord. For Christians, the ritual of baptism serves a similar purpose. In that simple act, we testify to God’s grace and show that we belong to Him. We the people of the Almighty God!

Author: Rob Fringer

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