Follow Him Another Way

September 6th, 2015

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Mark 5:1-20

Jesus was always inviting people to follow Him. It seems odd, then, that when a man who had been miraculously delivered from a legion of demons requested to follow Him, “Jesus did not let him” (v. 19).

One might assume that Jesus would not turn anyone away from following Him–yet He did. A clue as to why may be found in Jesus’ words: “Go home to your own people.” The region this man was from was associated with a group of ten Greek-speaking colonies known as the Decapolis. These cities had grown wealthy from trade and were often at odds with their Jewish neighbors. There were deep cultural and religious differences between the two groups–each looked down on and despised the other.

Whatever Jesus commands is always for the best. Therefore, Jesus’ words were not an example of prejudice, but a commission to serve Him in a higher and better way: “tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he had mercy on you” (v. 19). Jesus only closes one door to open another that is more wonderful!

Author: Duane Brush

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