What’s Holding You Back?

August 26th, 2015

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Acts 3:11-26

What is holding you back from God? Maybe it’s the sin of jealousy, pornography, drunkenness, gossiping, prejudice, or greed. Or it could be a seemingly innocent aspect of life like shopping, a relationship, social networking, a career, your family, or even your church activities that may monopolize your time and steal your heart from God.

Whatever your personal vices are, God wants you to quit them completely if they are sinful or deny them the ability to distract you from Him if they are gifts that have become your idols.

Understand God’s heart toward you in this matter. He doesn’t want to impose rules on you to control your life; He wants you to live a life more abundant! The only way to live with true joy and purpose is to live God’s way–not our own–with the love and forgiveness of Jesus. He can calm our fears and give us the strength to overcome any trial or temptation. Turn away from whatever is holding you back from that amazing life!

Author: Mallory Sauer

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