Living Christ’s Grace Today

August 14th, 2015

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2 Peter 1:1-11

For so many people, their greatest fear as a Christ-follower is to fall short of the “Pearly Gates.” Many fear that Christ’s invitation will, because of a verbal slip or careless act on their part, cause them to find themselves on the outside looking in. In our attempts to not slip up and to remain “on the inside” we board up within the walls of our churches and our homes refusing to associate with those on the outside, hoping their sin will not infect us.

This belief that sin is a communicable disease causes us to forget that we are the product of God’s powerful, life-altering, world-shaking grace. When we come into contact with this work of grace, we cannot help but find our hearts changed. Our inward bent now begins to be directed outside of ourselves.

In the end, our greatest fear should not be that we will miss out on heaven; rather, our fear should be that others will miss out by our refusal to live out this grace.

Author: Michael Palmer


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