The Already and Not Yet

August 13th, 2015

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Philippians 1:3-11

Fixing that squeaky door, replacing that outdated ceiling fan, or weeding that overgrown flower bed is satisfying, isn’t it? Completion gives us that moment of, “it is finished.” Often I wonder if we don’t take on tasks so that we can experience that beautiful and significant moment. This satisfying completion isn’t limited to the tangible world around us. Completion is something that is experienced in the sacred world as well. Often, we don’t have words to describe the feelings inside, but we yearn for this, don’t we?

We desire for the world to be made right. Yet, instead of looking towards God, we find ourselves depending on politicians or substances to silence the voice in our soul–the voice crying, “This is not how life was meant to be.”

In these broken bodies, we see only death and destruction. But this subversive transformation has already begun. It started 2000 years ago, and it continues to this day. We are a people restored, and we are sent to spread the good news.

Author: Michael Palmer

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