Time for a Reboot

August 9th, 2015

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1 John 1:1-10

A few weeks back my computer started acting funny. After weeks of hard work, and even playing a few games, my computer reached its limit and screeched to a halt. All that activity had clogged the system and slowed everything down. The cure was incredibly simple; all I needed was to reboot, restart the computer and the system returned to normal.

From time to time our spiritual lives become cluttered and confused; we can lose sight of Jesus and stumble into sin. Poor decisions, wrong priorities, and mixed allegiances, big and small, leave a residue of guilt that will slow our spiritual progress. Bogged down, we can become broken, unable to do the most simple of tasks for God’s glory. It is in these moments that, just like my computer, we need to reboot.

Sin doesn’t need to bog us down, sap our strength or steal our joy. We can repent. We can reboot. Don’t waste today—take God up on his promise to forgive and purify.

Author: Stephen Mayes

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