Like-Minded Not Alike!

July 30th, 2015

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1 Peter 3:1-12

In different moments in my life, I have met people with whom it was hard for me to relate. Many of them, to be quite honest, were just as stubborn as I sometimes tend to be. It took time in prayer, and quite some effort on my part, to be able to relate with them in a way that would honor God and bless both our lives.

Through those experiences I realized that the one factor that made things easier, and helped me to establishes positive relationships, despite our differences, was to focus on God’s way of thinking, not my thinking! To be “like-minded” might not be thinking exactly the same way as the other person. God made us different, and He made us that way on purpose! So we could be blessed with a variety of creative approaches and points of view. However, if our desire is to serve the Lord and honor Him with our relationships, there is no difference that can set us apart!

God’s thinking involves love and redemption. Whenever we keep our minds focused on God’s thinking we can serve and love others no matter who they are.

Author: Tabita Rothmann Gonzalez

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