Living Sacrifice

July 28th, 2015

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Zechariah 7:1-14

Doing the right thing requires a good dose of sacrifice. Yes, sacrifice! Whenever we tell ourselves we did nothing wrong; we just enjoyed life and did the best we could, and yet we sought only what was good for us, we fail God’s Kingdom standards. Doing what is just, showing mercy and compassion to others, always requires us to stop looking at ourselves and look at the person next to us, seeking for their best interest.

Only when I sacrifice my comfort zone can I truly administer compassion. Jesus proved that with His own life. Remember when He laid aside all His glory and position as a master and teacher and did the work of a humble servant, washing the feet of His disciples? And what can we say of His choice to take our place on the Cross, to receive in His body suffering and death, so that we could live?

God’s constant invitation is for us to follow Jesus’ example–ones who give ourselves to God and others. Only then will we become Jesus to others.

Author: Tabita Rothmann Gonzalez


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