The Rock or The Sand?

July 26th, 2015

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Matthew 7:24-29

When we read Jesus’ example in Matthew 7 of two builders and two houses do we think: “That foolish sinner! He only cared about having his own way. He didn’t think ahead. He built his house on the sand. Of course, a sinner would do that! Only the good and wise Christian would think to build a house on the rock. Firm and sure is the way followers of Christ live.”

However, read the passage carefully. It never says anything about a Christ follower and a sinner. What is says is, one heard Christ’s words and put them into action: the other also heard as well, but didn’t put them into action.

Being a true follower of Christ has little to do with memorizing scripture passages, quoting doctrine, singing in the choir, or even teaching Sunday School. We can hear and know, and even believe, but unless we do what Jesus has said it matters not. What matters is that we put Jesus’ words, His teachings, into action. That is what it means to build our house on the Rock.

Author: Olivia Metcalf


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