Are We The Body?

July 25th, 2015

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1 Timothy 3:14—4:10

Paul writes to Timothy about how we are to live as the body of Christ. We should never forget that Christ is the head of the Church. When we live in this way, the church is a beautiful place to be! It’s meant to be a community of support, accountability, submission and service to one another.

When Christ isn’t the head, the church is in danger of becoming something else. How do we know if Christ is the head? Paul says it requires training. If you want to run a marathon, you train. If you want to learn a new language, you train. If you want to learn a new skill, you train. So it is with our Christian walk.

We must be trained up in Christ! When we memorize what Jesus has said, when we allow the Spirit to convict and teach us, when we act out our faith in loving service we become part of His body. When we train to be like Christ, we become more like Him! When we become more like Christ, the church is what it is meant to be. Let’s commit to the body, of which Christ is the head, thanking God for what He has created.

Author: Olivia Metcalf

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