Voices or Stones?

July 21st, 2015

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Luke 19:28-48

Recently, on a visit to a major city we heard a street preacher crying out that God was destroying all of the people because of their sinfulness. I said, “God is love!” With his bullhorn on the highest volume, the preacher condemned me to hell and said I wasn’t a Christian.

How have Christians gotten confused about this? Jesus entered Jerusalem to go to the cross for our salvation, not our destruction. The crowds sang joyfully about blessing and peace on earth! When the Pharisees told them to stop Jesus said that it was not a message to be silenced. Jesus wept over the city because of love. Jesus taught a message that compelled people.

We live in a world in need of Christians who are light and life. We rub shoulders with people who know how foolish their choices have been and need to hear peace. We walk down the street with people who are hungry for value that only comes from God. The message we have been given, the message rocks will cry out if we don’t, is that God is love and he will bring us life!

Author: Olivia Metcalf


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