Hope Brings God’s Strength

July 13th, 2015

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Isaiah 40:21-31

Human beings have short attention spans. We focus on what we can see, feel, smell, and taste right now, right in this moment. It’s important for us to be present in the moment. But we can’t live there. We may find that the present moment is terrible. If all we feel is suffering, or hunger, or oppression, or sickness right now we will miss out on what life is really about.

Isaiah wants those who will listen to wake up! It’s not a new message, he tells the people. It’s the same one that has been told since the beginning of all things. What is this message? God cares for us. God cares about our weariness, our pain, our suffering. God cares about our joys, our successes, our dreams. God cares. Isaiah reminds us to listen, to remember and to be people of hope.

Listen to the message: God cares. Remember the past: God has been faithful and that won’t change. Step forward in trust: when we trust in the Lord, no matter what we face, God will provide renewal, life and strength.

Author: Olivia Metcalf

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