Fear In Surrendering

July 7th, 2015

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Acts 10:1-8, 23-33

Breaking down the walls of prejudice fills us with fear. Fear of the unknown because we don’t know what life looks like beyond the cozy little corner where God has graciously allowed us to live. Fear of becoming an outcast just like the people we have cast out of our presence by living out our prejudice. Fear that we will lose control of the boundary lines we have created when we submit to God’s will.

It is that last fear which God calls Cornelius and Peter to confront. Both must submit to God’s will, there is to be no dividing line between Jew and Gentile in God’s kingdom. They don’t get to define the boundary lines but must hear the new dividing line God has revealed. Both must give up control by releasing their prejudice toward the other in order to hear God.

When God brings our prejudices to light, fear crouches at the door waiting to seize us. It is in those moments we can pray the prayer that Cornelius’ actions teach us to pray, “I am here in your presence God to listen to everything you want to tell me.”

Author: Paul Sheneman


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