Chaotic Waters

July 6th, 2015

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Isaiah 43:1-13

I can remember the fear I felt standing on the edge of the river bank preparing to brave the chaotic flood waters in a canoe. New to canoeing I believed my emerging skill and the help of my friend would be enough to conquer the unknown. However, my fear was quickly affirmed as fierce torrents suddenly appeared and swept us into uncontrollable pitches sending us overboard.

The same type of fear grips me when I think about the prejudices hidden in my heart. These prejudices are like the unknown torrents in the river. Once they emerge, they can seize me and throw me into a way of acting that grieves the heart of the One who has redeemed and called me by name.

Isaiah encourages us to not fear as we wade into the life giving waters of the Christian faith. The basis of our confidence is unlike my naïve faith in my canoeing abilities. We gain confidence by remembering that God’s redeeming work is already beginning. We can trust God to be with us, protect us, and transform us.

Author: Paul Sheneman

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