God’s Restoring Love

July 2nd, 2015

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John 21:7-25

John 21 is an intimate setting: a group of friends, breakfast on the beach, a walk, and an intimate conversation. Three times Jesus asks, “Peter, do you love me?” Surely Peter was already overwhelmed with grief at his betrayal of the Lord. Was Jesus being cruel? Never! Jesus often ministered by asking questions that cut through the fog of fear, self-centeredness, guilt or failure.

What Peter saw in himself was someone whose actions had failed the Lord. What Christ saw was someone who would allow God to use him fully. Jesus had been with Peter at every turn. He caught him when he sank (Matt. 14:31), corrected his attitude in the garden (Jn. 18:11), and looked directly at Peter when the rooster crowed (Luke 22:61).

We are not alone as we endeavor to follow Christ. He is here, leading us forward, walking beside, and directing from behind. He does not look at our failures with disappointment or disgust. He wants to lovingly restore in us all that falls short of His glory and goodness.

Author: Jennifer Woodard

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