The Gift of Open Hands

June 27th, 2015

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Luke 14:25-35

The words from Jesus in Luke 14 are a difficult but necessary requirement for those who hope to follow in His footsteps. It seems like so much is being given up: family, friends, familiarity, even ambition and success. Perhaps it is a lot to give up. In following Jesus we discover how a relationship with Him changes how we relate to everyone and everything.

We could look at it from another perspective, however. If we don’t let go of these things in the way they have always been to us–our own–our hands will never be empty or open enough to receive the grace, peace, and joy Jesus longs to give to His disciples. This loss is a gift because it opens up our capacity to receive something holy and divine. It is one of places along the way where the cross turns defeat into victory and sorrow into joy.

Author: Julia Roat-Abla

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