Up the Mountain

June 26th, 2015

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Luke 9:18-36

Jesus stood on the mountainside with Moses and Elijah whose legacy was now fulfilled in Him. But He was not simply another prophet like Elijah. Nor was He only a national leader like Moses. His glory would come through suffering and death.

Peter, James and John followed their Messiah up the mountain that day catching a glimpse of a mysterious reality. This reality mingled blood and light, heavenly voices with earthly pain. Suffering and even death may seem at odds with the victory and glory that Jesus’ disciples experience here. The path that leads to the cross goes up a mountainside. No greater confirmation of Jesus’ authority in our lives could come than from the Father himself.

Perhaps we need to hear this confirmation of Jesus’ authority today as we walk through shadows of death or face walls of doubt so that we will be confident in the words we hear from heaven, “Listen to him,” and be ready to follow wherever He may lead.

Author: Julia Roat-Abla


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