Pax Christi

June 21st, 2015

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James 4:1-10

The Pax Romana, the peace of the Roman Empire, had a very dirty underbelly of domination. When it fell apart the order and peace it imposed went with it. Submission to Rome had prevented sibling rivalry among smaller kingdoms. When their mutual submission to Rome was gone, they tore each other limb from limb, giving birth to the Dark Ages.

Our globe, our politics, our culture, our churches, and even our relationships can mirror these Dark Ages. Without submission to God, or at least to the common good, we descend into individualistic chaos. Our own desires to possess overcome our desires for love, and we trust in power more than grace.

However, when we humbly submit our disordered and chaotic lives to the reign of Christ, Jesus brings us order and harmony. We stop warring with ourselves and with each other. We engage the world with more grace and humility. We live as people of peace because we are living in the Peace of Christ, the Pax Christi.

Author: Josh Broward

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