Strength Through Dependence

June 10th, 2015

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Psalm 18:30-50

When I walked through the jungles of Papua New Guinea in 1999, there were times when the only part of “me” touching the ground was my sturdy walking stick cut for me by a local. As we traveled from church to church over muddy mountains, bridges made of a single log, and slick rocky trails, that staff may well have saved my life. It prevented countless falls. The staff was my point of stability in an unstable environment.

Life is like that. God is like that. When everything in our culture is changing, when the earth seems to be rolling under our feet, when we pray the prayer of desperate helplessness, God is our point of stability. God is our rock. Slowly, His strength becomes our strength. We walk this world with confidence that nothing can shake our center-point. God is steadfast. He offers us a deep internal strength birthed out of His utter faithfulness and reliability.

This changes everything. Utter dependence yields unparalleled strength.

Author: Josh Broward


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