Starting with Powerlessness

June 9th, 2015

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Psalm 18:1-6, 16-19

Alcoholics know that the first step of recovery is admitting our powerlessness. Saints know that the first step of holiness is exactly the same.   We are in over our heads in this world. We are in trouble. Our enemies–within and without–are far too powerful for us. We are desperate for help. If we are honest, then we will all admit that on our own strength we can’t come close to being the people God calls us to be or even the people we want to be. Eventually, we’ll end up back in the pit; even if it’s the ever so sticky pit of our own deluded self-righteousness.

With classic irony, the first true step upward is to hit rock-bottom. The first step toward true healing is admitting how sick we really are. The first step into holiness is the desperate prayer for help because we finally know, after all our failed attempts, that we cannot help ourselves. It is at this dark and lonely moment that the real rescue begins.

Author: Josh Broward


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