Called By God As Witnesses

June 7th, 2015

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Acts 22:1-21

When you examine the nature of discipleship–the call, the cost, and the decision it involves. You come to the ultimate goal of discipleship–becoming Christ’s witnesses to the world.

All external circumstances indicated that Saul should have been an enemy of Christ. And he was–until an encounter with the risen Son of God turned His understanding of faithfulness upside-down. Then Saul asked two questions of Jesus–first, who are you? And second, what shall I do? The answers indicate what happens when we accept the call to discipleship. If we truly believe that revelation, we must respond without delay by sharing His gospel with others.

Our testimonies are probably not as sensational as Paul’s, but from a spiritual perspective, our conversions are just as miraculous. God has chosen us to have an intimate relationship with the Righteous One and spread His message of hope until we finally meet Him face-to-face.

Author: Kelsey Beck

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